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Add CMS functionality to your web application by including a single script.
This is Content Management as a Service.

Rich editing capabilities for the end user combined with powerful APIs and libraries for the developer. Focus on your application - we handle your content.


Get started in seconds - just include the contentpool.js script file, augment your markup with some CSS classes and off you go. This is what you'll get:

Rich Editor

Use our in-place editor to edit the content directly on your page. You see your changes immediately.
Upload images to the image library and reap the benefits of a global CDN.


Clean APIs let you build more complex integrations and applications.
Save and retrieve your content, get notified whenever a content change occurs and much more.


There are contentpool libraries for every major platform and framework. Use contentpool with vanilla Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS or other client side frameworks. Integrate it with node.js, Ruby, PHP or .NET backends - whatever suits your fancy.


Our backend and databases are deployed to multiple locations all over the world to ensure minimal response times.
We build contentpool with performance as a first class requirement.


Our security model gives you granular control over who gets to edit what.
By using our Single Sign On capabilities, your content editors don't even need to remember a new set of credentials.


All your data is replicated and backed up to multiple locations.
If you only trust your own backups, you can export all of your data anytime.

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